CFexpress Type B Memory Card

CFTek Shooter

CFexpress Type B Memory Card

This Memory card is High-End CFexpress Type B Memory Card released by CFTek a company specializing in the development and production of CFexpress related devices.

Outstanding Sustained Write Performance

When shooting professional videos, the memory card’s sustained write capability must be excellent.

When shooting professional videos, the memory card’s sustained write capability must be excellent.

Typical CFexpress Type B Memory Cards, such as ‘BRAND A’ and ‘BRAND B’ in the diagram above, initially have fast write speeds during shooting, but over time, the write speed drops significantly, leading to interruptions in video recording.

In contrast, CFTek Shooter Memory Card ensures consistent write speeds from the beginning to the end of the shoot.

Excellent Heat Control

CFexpress Type B Memory Cards operates at high speeds, which can lead to significant heat generation during extended shooting sessions.
As a result, many CFexpress Memory Cards experience shutdowns or interruptions during shooting due to overheating.

Camera body heat warning

Hot card warning

1TB Full time record

CFTek Shooter Memory Card adopts excellent heat dissipation and temperature control write algorithms. Even after placing the camera and a 1TB capacity CFTek Shooter Memory Card inside a temperature-controlled box set to 43 degrees Celsius for over 30 minutes, uninterrupted shooting is possible.

CFTek Shooter Memory Card uses thermal materials from the German company ARCTIC, which have been validated by enthusiasts for prolonged heat management.

Thermal materials begin to harden after 6 months  2 years.
In this case, normal heat treatment is not possible.
The thermal materials used in CFTek Shooter Memory Card is a product that guarantees 8 years of durability.

Temperature Control Write Algorithm Adoption

During continuous shooting, if high temperatures occur, which may lead to potential data corruption, the write speed is reduced to lower the memory card’s temperature and protect the data.
Once the memory card’s temperature decreases, it switches back to high-speed write mode.
Even when reducing write speed, it maintains a consistent writing speed to ensure no issues with shooting 8K RAW 60P, allowing continuous shooting until the end, provided the camera body does not overheat.

Optimized Performance for High-Speed Continuous Shooting

Shooter - Continuous Shooting Test Result

As demonstrated in the video, CFTek Shooter Memory allows for high-speed continuous shooting, such as 8K RAW 20FPS, for prolonged periods without buffer interruptions. Depending on the camera model, even if the internal buffer is filed first, the camera’s buffer is emptied at a very high speed, so it can continue shooting immediately.

The outstanding feature of the CFTek Shooter Memory Card is its exceptional cost-effectiveness. High-end, high-performance products operate in pSLC mode(refer to below ***1), which requires reducing their capacity to one-third. However, the CFTek Shooter delivers comparable performance in actual test while offering three times the capacity, making it a highly economical memory card. 


What is a pSLC mode product?
General CFexpress products use TLC mode with a large capacity for price. The pSLC mode product operates in pSLC mode by reducing the TLC product capacity to one-third to increase product performance. So the pSLC mode product comes in 320GB, 330GB, 640GB, and 660GB, one-third of the TLC 1TB and 2TB. However, the price of pSLC mode product is same as TLC 1TB and 2TB, so there is a disadvantage that the capacity is low compared to the price.

Benchmark Test Result

Shooter – 512GB Benchmark : CrystalDiskMark(left), Dirtytest(right)

CFTek Shooter CFexpress Type B Memory Cards have been developed through extensive testing to meet the demands of photographers by IT professional with over 40 years of experience in hobbyist photography and research and development of IT devices.

Continuous shooting test in CFTek laboratory

Lets see the Worlds first multi-functional CFexpress Type B Memory Card Reader “CFTek Trimmer” with CFTeks patented technology, which works well with the CFTek Shooter Memory Card.

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