CFexpress/USB Cleaner

Securely save your data !

Company introduction

CFTek focuses on the development and production of CFexpress related devices based on its extensive experience and accumulated technology in the field.
We are going to move forward with technology research and development that takes into account superior product quality, optimal user experience, and sustainability for the future.
As a leader in CFexpress related technology, customer satisfaction is our top priority and seek continuous and sustainable innovation.

Securely save your data !

As CFexpress/USB is used, foreign particles can accumulate in the contact areas, leading to unstable data storage. In some cases, this can result in the loss of all stored data. Use CFTek CFexpress/USB Cleaner to maintain optimal conditions as follows.

How to use

Spraying cleaning fluids on cleaning sticks

CFexpress Memory Card

Camera Slot

CFexpress Reader

USB Memory

USB Cable


Please do not apply excessive force. It may cause damage to the Memory case. Clean by dissolving in a cleaning solution.

Please do not clean the image sensor of the camera. It may cause the coating of the image sensor to peel off or get scratched.


High-performance cleaning spray

Specially designed cleaning sticks (7 eas)

Summary of CFexpress Cleaner Usage